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//This began the rise of Aperture Science.


What if we used this to coat foam cosplay weapons and armor? 

what if i sprayed this on my dick while i was hard. i would have the eternal wood

WHAT IS IT?!?!?!

Spray-on Shoes, by Flint Lockwood! YAY!


I’ve got more wit
A better kiss
Hotter touch
A better fuck
Than any boy you’ll ever meet


Its coming…

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date a boy with nice cheek bones

date a boy who has a good taste in clothes

date a boy with a great laugh

date a boy who’s hoodie you can borrow

date a boy with fantastic collarbones

date a boy who smiles constantly

date a boy with arms like damn



wilwheaton  lmao

To be honest, I HATE hearing about Ferguson


Don’t get me wrong, it’s horrible what happened. But I live about 15 minutes from there. I hear enough about it on every news outlet and every single person around here. I hate coming onto tumblr trying to escape from the hate crimes just to hear more about it. I get it, not everyone knows what happening. People not in St. Louis couldn’t just watch the news on any local station and just live watch all the lootings. It’s just so over talked about it’s getting boring. 

I guess rape is really getting over talked about too. I mean we all KNOW women get raped every day. I dont wanna hear about it. *sarcasm thick*

Interesting Data Tables

From the FBI, breaking down crimes/arrests by race

Expanded Homicide Chart for 2012. Breaking down murders by race of victim/offender and sex of victim/offender.  You will notice more “white-on-white” than any other race on race.


Next, 2012’s list of arrests, look at the Forcible rape category. TWICE as many white  arrested for rape, sitting at about 9,000. Compared to 4.5k for black.


Now, last and kinda recently VERY IMPORTANT!  Police officer’s feloniously killed in the line of duty. I want you ALL to take a nice, long look at the bottom section of the page. Where it breaks it down by race of those alleged to have participated in these “cop-killings”  

"30 of the alleged offenders were white, 16 were black, 1 was American Indian/Alaska Native, and 1 was Asian/Pacific Islander. Race was not reported for 3 offenders"


Correcting peoples’ grammar/spelling…how to tell you are losing an argument


i wish i had video of everything that night so you could watch the monster that u were.
i wish i had video of everytime u were a monster emotionally and physically.

I hate that you’re dealing with this, also…ily

My family - the fuck heads

You’ve had an interesting day when your college English Comp II and History classes arm you with enough knowledge to refute ill-informed and fear mongering relatives enough, that they Call you “cop-hater” and “Ms.Liberal” and then delete you to prevent you from commenting on any other Propoganda-like irresponsible reporting and video sharing.

My family is the SUPER BEST YOU GUYS! Wish my mother were here to see this.

my dash did a thing

my dash did a thing

oh my GOD! You filthy heathen! Please tag your PORN!

oh my GOD! You filthy heathen! Please tag your PORN!

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Working through lunch and was like, my shirt is BANGING today.

Working through lunch and was like, my shirt is BANGING today.

OTW to Work Selfie! Because YAY ME!

OTW to Work Selfie! Because YAY ME!


Dads at One Direction concerts [via]

Dylan O’Brien AKA…

Dat deep V tho

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